Sustainable Green Cleaning


EcoCleanz was founded to separate the expanding cleaning services branch of Recreet Maintenance Solutions Private Limited. Recreet is a focused service towards the treatment, restoration and maintenance of Stone/Floor (Marble, Granite etc.).


In the very beginning of Recreet providing cleaning services; it was learnt that many of Recreet’s staff members would come to work with irritated eyes, skin rashes or respiratory irritation. We realized that these reactions were caused by some of the cleaning products. These products were doing as much damage to the earth’s environment as they were doing to our staff, the clients’ staff and the clients’ premises and assets.

The chemical residuals left by these toxic products seemed to contradict the notion of clean. After discovering this, we decided to create a cleaning services company focused on the preservation of the natural environment for future generations and hence ‘EcoCleanz’ came into existence.

EcoCleanz Philosophy

EcoCleanz as a sustainable eco friendly green cleaning services company providing a superior service that reduces the effect on the environment while impacting positively on your business’s image. This public image is enhanced through responsible environmental behavior and an interest in employee health. We recognize that our success depends on the people who represent us.

Our clients demand a meticulous service, which includes minimizing the introduction of toxins into the environment. We customize our packages to our clients’ needs while ensuring the highest level of environmental sustainability is maintained.

The cleaning machinery, equipment and consumables we use effectively reduce dust, noise emissions, chemical waste and energy usage.

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