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Diwali Cleaning for Home and Office

Diwali CleaningDiwali is around the corner with full of festivities, special occasions and get-togethers. If you have friends and family coming home; your home should be prepared ahead of time so that it’s a relaxed and pleasant visit for everyone. To help you through the wonderful time, don’t feel guilty for wanting to do more but couldn’t because you had to spend so much time doing Diwali cleaning. Now is the time to stop that insanity and stress and feel refreshed when it is time to celebrate.

Instead of wasting hours and hours doing Diwali cleaning; you could be doing something constructive like planning the menu while someone else worries about removing the spots from the carpet. Delegate your house cleaning job to us. We enjoy it and we won’t charge you a mint to do it.

Diwali Cleaning by EcoCleanz

We are EcoCleanz, an eco friendly green cleaning services company. Be the first one on your block to add GREEN to your Diwali this year. It’s not just about avoiding the fireworks and cutting down on all that sugar from those desserts. Green cleaning your house is a great way you can enjoy more of the festive time and keep the green spirit up!

When you hire a Diwali cleaning service that provides eco friendly green cleaning you can expect many things all designed for the health and safety of your family including your pets and also the environment. The cleaning products used have the best health ratings and are bio-based environmentally green cleaning solutions using a green cleaning system that can eliminate the harmful effects of the traditional cleaning chemicals that were used in the past. The cleaning products are supplied in concentrate and distributed in reusable bottles to reduce carbon footprint and to keep packaging to a minimizing waste.

Tips for Diwali Cleaning

Here are a few home enhancement tips for Diwali

  • You want the first impression to be the best so using a damp cloth wipe away the dirt and brighten up the front door using a wreath that can be homemade for a conversation piece or store bought.  Also make sure there is enough lighting so the guests can see their way to the door.
  • Replace the worn doormats and put down some new ones.  It can make your home look welcoming as well as protecting your floors and carpets.
  • Invite the guests into a well lit living room that has plenty of room to sit with big bean bag pillows for the kids to sit in the floor on.  Put the coasters down on the tables to protect your furniture.
  • Flowers add an instant lift to the room as well as adding a delicate fragrance.
  • Lots of candles can be used.  Just make sure the proper supervision is used and never leave a candle unattended with pets and children around.
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