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Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is becoming ever more popular as people and  even children are educated about the health of our environment. With so much chemical waste polluting our air daily and causing issues with our atmosphere green cleaning is rapidly becoming the most desired method to clean homes, buildings and offices.

Green Cleaning KitGreen cleaning means doing cleaning work using methods and solutions that are natural to earth, so not disrupting the earth’s atmosphere. It is green as in all that is ‘natural’.  We at EcoCleanz as a professional green cleaning company, use products that do not contain dangerous chemicals such as chlorine, phosphates and artificial solutions & fragrances. The benefits of a green cleaning home solutions by EcoCleanz are less irritation and danger to family members as no harmful chemicals are left in the home. This also applies to larger cleaning jobs such as factories and office buildings cleaning, and can encompass all cleaning jobs from window cleaning to carpets clean up and general cleaning services.

What are the benefits of Green Cleaning?

It has long been established the after effects of chemicals on humans when cleaning – In the past offices or homes were cleaned and a certain toxicology was induced into their environment. Some of the problems people experienced from the chemicals used were the likes of asthma, skin dermatitis, eye irritation and just a feeling of being unwell. Some examples of routine regular cleaning in these areas included carpet cleaning, window cleaning and plant care. These were often hired services and used traditional methods and chemicals for this type of cleaning.

Green Cleaned HomeThe products being used for cleaning were high in phosphates and harmful chemicals – Traditional cleaning solutions worked off the premise of ‘getting the job done’. So a very clean carpet signified a job completed but the devastation to the immediate environment and long term effects of such chemicals entering our atmosphere were not considered. Imaging millions of cleaners both in homes and factories releasing high potency chemicals into the air all day every day! The magnitude is astounding when one considers this.

A lot of companies are still using traditional methods – As an individual it is up to us to say ‘no’ to harsh harmful chemicals and start to make more sensible choices based on facts. When having your own windows cleaned or carpet select a company with a green consciousness. This is how one person adds up to two and two to many! As the saying goes ‘It takes one man to create a village’.  If you run a huge factory or office building your impact on the earth of course is even more powerful.

So considering natural products for cleaning, ensures that no harm is done to either your family or office workers. The job is well done with no permanent damage done to children or adults in the area. Plus for example if you are cleaning a carpet those harmful chemicals are not left behind for days, weeks or months after cleaning.

Some handy Green Cleaning tips!

Lemon juice is an all time favorite!

  • Clean house or office windows with lemon juice and water mixed
  • Toilets sparkle when scrubbed with lemon and salt
  • Factories and factory workers swear by lemon as a great grease remover

Other great tips

  • Computers clean well with vinegar and water as does fax machines and office machinery
  • Soak a glove in vinegar and water and wipe clean blinds both for office and home.
  • Vinegar and baking soda can unclog drains
  • Mold and mildew which is highly dangerous can be removed with a vinegar wipe.

There are so many! Plus they are cheap as well as Eco Friendly.

Hiring a Professional Green Cleaning Service.

Sometimes the job is too big for you, or you run an office or factory. Then it is time to call in a professional cleaning service. Like any other professional services there are some things to look out for. Green Cleaning staff and companies are no different.

  • The staff are cheerful and ready to carry out your requests
  • The company is willing to disclose the ingredients of their cleaning solutions.
  • They have carried out this type of cleaning before and have a history of good work.
  • An attention to detail is observed. For example they may further advise you on other options to use at home or office to further increase your green footprint.
  • They are happy to provide quotes for specified work to be done.
  • They have a passion for all that is Green and it shows.
  • They are environmentally aware and understand toxicology

If it is affordability you are looking for plus a safe environment for your family or co workers, then green cleaning is the way to go for. If you care about the Earth and are educated in how harmful chemicals are to our atmosphere this is the route you should be following. There are plenty of professional green cleaning companies out there offering great cleaning services. Start contributing to health and safety and creating a better environment for us all!

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