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Housekeeping Services

At EcoCleanz we recognize the necessity to transform premises from sometimes a soiled appearance to a clean, bold & polished presentation on a daily basis. Delivering high standards is our specialization in the hospitality cleaning and housekeeping services area gives us the experience, knowledge and ability to deliver the demanding high standards so essential in the hospitality industry and corporate environments.

Housekeeping Services

EcoCleanz requires all our housekeeping services staff to have a current police check. Ensuring our reliability, honesty and efficiency are second to none. This contributes to EcoCleanz being highly recognized and valued housekeeping services and housekeeping contractor company by our clients.

Our housekeeping service provides a high quality alternative to the in-house approach. It’s an effective alternative that guarantees to deliver better results, at a lower cost. EcoCleanz is a dedicated housekeeping services contractor and hospitality cleaning service. All our team members are trained specifically in hospitality guest services. EcoCleanz employs a large team of cleaners across India, servicing a range of hotels from three- to five-star, as well as corporate offices, commercial building premises etc. We have offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Trivandrum.

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