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Stone Care Restoration

We at our sister concern Vaksha Enterprises have 10 years of collective experience in the stone care restoration and maintenance. We have developed stone care restoration and maintenance systems that solve the problems associated with stone care.

stone care restoration

We restore the natural beauty of your floors at your home and office to the elegant refinement and good taste you had intended them to be. We can have a positive impact and enhance the property value of hotels, restaurants, banks, corporate headquarters, office towers, shopping centers, malls, and resorts.

Our technicians are fully trained, offering the best and most professional stone care restoration service possible. Call us today for an expert evaluation at no obligation. Our technicians will review your property in light of your desires and give you a prompt and expert evaluation of your various options to restore and care for your stone. An on-site demonstration can then be arranged to actually show you the results that can be obtained. Customer education and satisfaction is an important part of the unexcelled service our technicians offer.

Join the finest technology in fashionable stone as we create beauty with floors and walls. It is reflected in the workmanship of our craftsmen!

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