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Window Cleaning

Window CleaningWindow cleaning can sometimes be a back breaking, time consuming and very stressful job so we often put it off. Why not remove the stress, worry and hassle by letting EcoCleanz‘s highly trained and friendly team do it for you?

EcoCleanz have built the reputation of being one of the best facade and window cleaners. We handle commercial window cleaning jobs throughout India. Don’t put it off, make 1 easy phone call today to book a window cleaning job with us, then sit back and relax while your windows get professionally cleaned.

EcoCleanz  have been in the cleaning and restoration business since 2000, originally our focus was in stone care and restoration. In 2008 our organisation started a cleaning services branch as a separate company. We currently employ over 40 people with plans to expand to 300+ countrywide soon. Our company philosophy is to give our customers complete satisfaction with each and every visit to a home or business.

Window Cleaning by EcoCleanz

By becoming our client, you’re treating yourself to the highest professional cleaning services in the industry. Our excellent service has returned to us an established reputation for being on time, reliable and trustworthy. Window cleaning is our specialty, from commercial space to industrial or high rises buildings. Our service includes both inside and out and we guarantee a stain and streak free shining windows.

Facade Cleaning

How important is to clean your windows?

Businesses that have clean windows are more likely to gain more clients. You don’t want a dirty window to be the first thing a potential customer will see. A general feeling of well being that is associated with clean windows can also improve employee production in a business or industrial setting.

Not only do freshly washed windows give your home a bright clean inviting look but they improve lighting which can reduce energy costs in the winter.  A storm window will fit better after the windows are professionally cleaned, again saving you energy costs. Double story home? no problem. We will even clean the window screens and tracks.

Cleaning at least twice a year is recommended, or every 2-3 months if you live where there is a lot of pollen, rain, and dust or where there are a lot of factories putting out dirty emissions. Keeping your windows free of grime can also prolong the life of your windows thus saving you even more money in the long run.

Eco friendly window cleaning service

Being as green as possible is very important to us. We use Eco-Friendly biodegradable products and methods. All of your shrubs, flowers and trees will be safe from harm. Conserving water is always foremost on our minds. We are constantly researching new products and equipment to help us with this issue.

Other cleaning services by EcoCleanz

We also offer carpet cleaning and floor scrubbing inside and power washing outside.Whether you’re just spring cleaning or you’re post construction. New construction and renovation can leave a hard to clean mess. Dust and dirt left throughout your whole house can be hard to clean. We have the professional equipment needed to remove dust and debris more efficiently.

When you don’t want to tackle the job of washing windows yourself, call us. We understand our clients needs to carefully deliver fast and effective service at an affordable rate. Let us make your environment a better place to live and work.

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